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sample 1st chapter

Chapter 1

An inspirational fable
By Dayle Schear

     The story I am about to tell you takes place in New York City. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would have believed this to be a wondrous tale. You see, I’m a writer; I get my material from ordinary people like you.
     It wasn't long after my father’s death when I seemed to drop out of society. Life didn't’t have much meaning for me any more, for he had been the love of my life.
     He was a workaholic, quite a businessman and a wheeler dealer all his life. He didn't have a lot of time for me nor, for that matter, anyone else. But the time we did spend together was wonderful. He taught me all about life.  He taught me how to live. He taught me how to help mankind.
     I was at my father’s side when he died. He was quite spiritual upon his passing. While lying on his death bed, he motioned for me to move closer to him. As he took his last breath, he whispered in my ear. The words he whispered changed my life forever. My father always taught me “If you believe, many wondrous things can happen.” Ah! the power of belief. Is it a myth? Is it a grand adventure? Is it direct information that guides each and every one of us to our destiny?
     For the tale I tell you is pure of heart. It has meaning; it has purpose. It will change your life, I promise. If you follow along carefully you will hear the very words my father whispered in my ear on the day of his passing. Words that have changed my life forever. Soon those very words will change your life as well! So, as this tale was told to me, I will pass it on to you.
     My story starts off in the city of New York on a very dark, frightfully cold evening, snow falling gently through the air.
     Three homeless people huddled around a burning garbage can, rubbing their hands together to keep warm.
     Joe, one of the homeless men, eyed a brown NYC refuse dumpster off in the distance. He broke away from the group momentarily, all eyes following him. His gloves exposed his raw red fingers to the harsh cold as he rummaged through the garbage.
     Ah! An epicurean delight is found. Joe mumbled and grumbled under his breath while tearing the paper off a half-eaten hot dog. He devoured the remnants.
While reaching in the dumpster for more food, he found a book. The gold lettering on the cover caught his eye. He read out loud one simple word, “Believe.”
     Intrigued by this word “Believe” he began thumbing through the pages. The first sentence astounded him. “It’s time to forgive yourself.” He read on. “If you follow the steps in this book, your whole life will change. This book is special; this book is for you; this book will change your life, if you Believe.” Joe sat down on the cold pavement, engrossed in the book.
     1. Look back over your life and figure out what caused you to take this path you’re on.
     2. Try with all your heart to go back in time, if possible, and make amends with the situation that           put you in this position.
     3. Now change the outcome of this situation; if possible, physically or within your own mind.
     4. Believe that you can change your life. Believe that it was you who created your life to be the           way it is now.  Believe your life can change only if you really want it to. Believe! For all things           are possible when we believe.
     5. If you follow these steps your whole life will change.
     6. Some of the rewards of these steps are you will be able to forgive yourself and others, love will          surely find you, and you will find your own destiny.
      7. However, after the change has begun, you must pass the book and knowledge on to someone           in need, or all will be taken away from you. Let the light shine in. Let the journey begin.
     A tear rolled down Joe’s cheek. As he threw his head into his hands, he remembered his sordid past.
     Once a stock broker on Wall Street in the early eighties, Joe had plenty of money. He was flourishing. He had everything to live for and always lived his life in the fast lane. Money to burn. Tall, dark and handsome, he had a girl on every corner. Joe had it all and used it to his advantage.
     Joe had come from a broken home. His father Paul, who drank himself into a stupor daily, left the family one day, never to return. His mother was a weak, timid woman who had allowed her husband to control and abuse her at will, physically, emotionally, and mentally. By the time he left, she was numb.
     Joe took on the task of raising his two brothers and a sister. He worked at two jobs and went to school at night. He was determined never to be poor like his father and never to abandon his family, never to marry. Joe wanted it all. ”Poor no more” was his motto.
      As the years passed, with the huge amount of money he made in the stock market, he was able to buy a house for cash for his mom. He was king. Buying and selling was his lot. He thought he had it all... until he met Mary.
     While walking down the hall to his office one Friday, Joe saw Mary bending over, picking up some papers she dropped on the floor. Joe paused. Mary was a petite blonde with blue eyes that sparkled when she looked up at him. He smiled with that charismatic smile of his and helped Mary gather her paperwork from the floor.



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