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     Dayle Schear is a World Renowned Psychic. She trained for six years with Peter Hurkos (The Foremost Psychic of the 20th Century - Psychic Detective). He trusted Dayle's abilities as a Psychic, and worked extensively with her so she could carry on his work after he was gone (Hurkos died June 1, 1988). Since then she has kept her promise to him and continued using her god-given ability to help others.
     No stranger to television she has hosted her own T.V. show ESP & YOU for over 14 years. It aired on CBS in Hawaii for years and it's now been switched to ABC.
Dayle works with the Police Dept., FBI and other governmental agencies in countless cities, for years, helping them solve scores of cases. They call on her when they need assistance because they know of her track record of accuracy.
     Dayle specializes in Psychometry - the ability to see past-present-future associations by touching objects. Her gift has enabled her to solve numerous murder cases, find missing people, locate objects, lost possessions, make predictions, help people and cross over with uncanny accuracy.
     She has appeared on numerous National Television and Radio Talk Shows and has been seen countless times on "HARD COPY" (O.J. Trial Psychic).
Dayle demonstrates her awesome abilities on stage throughout the United States and abroad. She has appeared in Lake Tahoe for over five years and currently appearing at Bills. She has an on-going television talk show called "ESP & YOU" which airs continuously throughout the year in Hawaii and in Nevada.
     She is well known by all the local people in Hawaii and Nevada for her accuracy. For the reason that innumerable people come to her from all over the world for help and private readings.
     Her psychic accuracy is astonishing along with her compassion. Dayle Schear is a lady who's humanitarian destiny is helping others.

Dayle for readings @ <Nevada:775-588-3337 or Hawaii: 808-372-1816  >


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