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ESP & YOU is an audience participation show where Dayle uses her psychic ability to read members from her audience.
Dayle is a natural born psychic that uses Psychometry, the ability to hold an object in her hand belonging to a person and be able to tell them about their selves… their past, present and future. Audience members are encouraged to bring personal items with them to the show.
Dayle shares her insights and answers personal questions from the audience. Audience members will also be able to have their Aura photo taken and have their colors analyzed.
Psychic Dayle Schear has appeared on Extra, Hard Copy, The Late Show, Hour Magazine, Sightings, Sally Jessie Raphael and the Gordon Elliot Show to name a few.
She is also the author on four books, “The Psychic Within,” “Dare To Be Different,” “Tarot For The Beginner” and most recently “Believe.”

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